3d printing - Content creation

As Shapeways' Social Media Manager, I'm responsible for creating content to help drive brand awareness and provide value to our audience. Here are a few samples of videos I've created. Check out more at our YouTube channel here

DIY Lightbox tutorial

Aiming to solve a problem stemming from lack of high-quality photos uploaded to the marketplace, I identified an easy-to-make tutorial, creating a light box out of something a shopowner already has - a Shapeways cardboard box. 

Script, Filming, Editing, Color

Jewelry Creator landing page

This video was designed to help increase Shapeways' signup and conversions, targeted solely at Jewelry makers - helping to ease the barrier of entry to 3D design.

Script, Filming, Editing, Color

Easy Creator Tutorials

3D designing is hard. 2D drawing is easier, so I helped to create an instructional video on exactly how to use Shapeways' 2D to 3D tool to bring a 2D drawing to a tangible object.

Filming, Editing, Color



holiday gift guide launch

Helping to set apart the launch of the annual holiday gift guide from prior years, we wanted to show what and who it takes to make what Shapeways does possible. Shot over the course of one day, and edited in one and a half, this multi-camera video was produced in a quick turnaround to meet a deadline.

Concepting, Filming, Editing

Shapeways & DJI Contest

We partnered up with popular drone manufacturer, DJI to help revolutionize the way that Search & Rescue implements and views drones. Through an online launch, we received over 90 entires to the contest (each taking hundreds of hours to create), and announced it live at World MakerFaire in NYC. 

Filming, Editing

Dan & Stan Material Release

Tasked with creating a video to show off Shapeways' newest material revision, I wanted to include a little humor, while helping to incorporate the feature that the "coated" sandstone features protective qualities...

Concept, Filming, Editing, Color 

Shapeways Reviews

Part of a larger content series, I selected a few products which I thought could use a good shoutout & sales boost, and did a review. 

Concept, Filming, Editing, Color

Below are also some samples of social posts I've created for Shapeways, feel free to check out more here and here as well. I also write about relevant content on Shapeway's blog read my posts here.