Spec Work

real projects, but not.

reframing Planned parenthood

Planned Parenthood has become the symbol for abortion when abortion makes up only 3% of their services. Our current political climate has turned a healthcare facility into a political debate. So how do we reframe how it's talked about? See below. 

Animation, Editing, Audio, Voiceover


Taking a new spin on the idea of "All Purpose" seasoning, I wanted to show the little that soy sauce won't help, to reinforce where it shines. Shot on iPhone 7, edited on Premiere Pro in an under 1 day to demonstrate my ability to concept, shoot & edit under an extremely tight deadline with limited resources.

Concept, Filming, Editing

Cab Roulette

A recent "Young Glory" submission to respond to the brief: "Restore taxis as the go-to choice for chauffeured rides"

Animation, Filming, Editing